Technique workshop with Danilo Hajdukovic

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Andrew Raynor

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Danilo Hajdukovic gives his technique for defence against a lead left and low roundhouse kick.

Hajdukovic has trained in judo, taekwondo, Wing Chun and simultaneously cross-trained with skilled stylists from other disciplines of kung fu, karate, Western boxing and grappling. In 2004, he discovered Hong Kong-based Grandmaster Wan Kam Leung and his system ‘Practical Wing Chun’, and has since been inducted as a disciple of Wan’s in the old Chinese way. Sifu Hajdukovic is also the organisation’s regional director for Canberra/ACT.

“GM Wan Kam Leung’s system is a precise practical modification of Wing Chun based on decades of meticulous analysis and physical application,” says Hajdukovic.

“Wan’s no-nonsense system focuses on the correct utilisation of soft energy/force to produce great power through all techniques, not just striking.”

Danny, in your opinion and experience, what are the most important skills and traits to have for effective self-defence?

No one wants to be a victim and/or target of violence; heaven forbid if you find yourself in a threatening situation where you would have to use self-defence as a way out! This question reminds me of Bruce Lee, when he talked about the art of “fighting without fighting” and also said “be aware at all times”.

In my own opinion, the most important skill to learn would be how not to become a victim or target. So, prepare yourself correctly by selecting a reputable martial arts school that teaches with high standing in the community. Approach every self-defence application with realism. It is vital to not only train your mind and body but to train your voice — being loud and vocal requires practice. Last of all, understand the different environments you frequent and practise, practise, practise.

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Andrew Raynor

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Andrew Raynor

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