Reaching your Goals: Drive, Determination & Perseverance

Earlier this month I wrote an article in regards to nutrition Where I discussed nutritional and lifestyle changes. What I didn’t discuss in detail is the importance of goal setting and the psychological importance of doing so. Reaching your goals requires three things… Drive. Determination. Perseverance. These three words are often overused and misunderstood. Drive is an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need; think urge,need or appetite. Determination is a firmness of purpose; resoluteness; think willpower. Perseverance is a steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or a delay in achieving success; think tenacity. Applying these terms to yourself and your goals may seem daunting, but in using strong, positive terminology you will be more likely to achieve!

Understanding and reaching a new goal can be overwhelming! Financial, travel, health, lifestyle or activity changes can be stressful and seem Unreachable. Don’t despair or give up! The goals your set for yourself are attainable; separating your wants from your needs will help keep you on track. Focus on what you are really working toward & break it down into small pieces or steps.

Let’s look at goal setting and what this means to the individual. A goal is an objective; it is the focus of a person’s ambition or effort. Goals are defined by the person, and reaching those goals is determined by their direct efforts. They are measurable and definable. It’s important to remember that your goals may be different from another person’s, and if sharing your goal or looking for support from others be certain to keep your objective in mind and not be deterred by others opinions or efforts. Surrounding yourself by positive, driven, like minded people will help propel your success.

And what is success?! Success is the Progressive realization of a worthy goal oR idea. Progression depends on the nature of your goal and you may need to Re-evaluate your goal as you move forward. But how do you set your goals, achieve them and realize success? Which goals should you focus on and how do you determine if they are realistic and attainable? Watch this quick clip for the answers to these very questions.

Motivation expert Charles Kearns, PhD, discusses how goals are motivational, as working towards a goal provides a sense of purpose.
According to Kearns, the most effective use of goal setting is to base them around a set of core values. To establish these values, you must first decide what values are most important to yourself as an individual. Values are defined as a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life; ethics. Once you have clearly determined and defined your values, communicate these values clearly to yourself and others. Kearns states that the more you act consistently with your goals and core values, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Let’s recap! Many people desire to be successful in life. Being able to determine what success means for you will add to the intrinsic value of, and outward achievement of, your goal(s).
Goal setting 101:
1. Determine your core values
2. Set your goals keeping the core values in mind.
3. Be realistic and honest with yourself. If you want to earn $5000/month, but are currently working part time & a full time college student you are setting yourself up for failure.
4. Prioritize your goals.
5. Focus on one or two goals and
6. Be consistent in your drive
7. Stay determined. Don’t stray from the path you’ve chosen
8. Persistence and perseverance
9. Positivity; believe to achieve!
10. Program your mind for success

In the clip below Carrie Green discusses preconceived notions and how our mindset guides our actions. Easier said is “actions follow thoughts,” and guiding your mind is key is achieving success; “program your mind to make it happen, program your mind for success!”

Andrew Raynor

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