Protecting yourself from online harassment…. and update..

Andrew Raynor

Hello everyone and whoa… it’s been a while!

Good gracious, is anyone out there any more? I’ll be shocked if anyone is still following this blog.  But just in case here’s what I have been up to:

Last year was crazy. Ups and downs with my boyfriend. He was anxious that he might not be promoted at work because then he would technically be in a supervisory role over me. So.. since tax wasn’t my #1 favorite area of law to practice anyway, I got another job, with a raise, at another state agency literally one block away. I worked as the equivalent of a prosecutor for the Texas Board of Law Examiners. We keep the profession pure from two angles, incoming baby lawyers who just took the bar exam, or already-lawyers somewhere else seeking to waive into Texas. Both involve a background check, and if there’s some reason the BLE doesn’t want you, you’ll have a right to have a hearing and pitch your case. That was honest to God fun work, with great coworkers particularly my mentor Kristin. And my view out my window was incredible, right next to the Texas Capital building.

So what happened? He got recruited by a firm in Dallas and accepted. So I started looking for work in Dallas. He moved at the end of October, I moved at the end of December. Started my new job, with a raise, at the beginning of January. Two weeks later, I was recruited off of LinkedIn and into what’s really the perfect job– a firm doing white-hat, protect-people work, for another raise, and my law school mock trial partner is one of the firm partners!

I leased out my house in Austin and live and work in downtown Dallas now. I got back into BJJ, and train at Allen Mohler’s in Deep Ellum, just a short walk from my house. At the moment I’m dealing with a pinched nerve in my lower back though.

Anyway– a friend reached out with a recommendation to share, and I think this guide to avoiding online harassment is fantastic.


Thanks for listening 🙂

Andrew Raynor
Andrew Raynor

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