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Many people desire to be healthy.  The misconception is that healthy equates being skinny or ingesting few calories, no carbohydrates or no fats.  People are confused, and I don’t blame them! With all the fads out there it’s easy to misunderstand what your body needs, what’s healthy, and the vocabulary.

Let’s start with understanding your body.

Think of a car and the care you provide to ensure it runs.  This care gets you where you need to go. You “feed” the car gasoline to keep it running; provide regular maintenance, such as oil changes, to keep it in good condition and extend the life of the vehicle, & do things such as wash and wax it to keep the body looking good because you take pride in your ride!

The same can be said of your body.  Providing regular maintenance and care will extend the “life” of your body and brain, avoiding major damage over the long run.  Yo-yo dieting, excessive binging, dieting, exercising or lack thereof are extremely damaging to your body; inside and out.

Feeding your body with premium fuel keeps it running like the efficient machine it’s meant to be.  Everything is already built to run together.  We’re given the tools to be healthy, efficient machines we simply need to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of information available start by asking these easy questions:

  1. Am I overly tired
  2. Am I wired/never tired
  3. Am I cranky/ moody
  4. When do I find myself eating (morning, not all day, evening, really late at night )
  5. Am I always hungry
  6. Am I never hungry
  7. What am I hungry for (what do I grab first when I decide to eat)
  8. Do I mostly eat sugary sweets
  9. Do I mostly eat fruits
  10. Do I mostly eat vegetables
  11. Do I mostly eat meats
  12. Do I mostly eat processed foods such as breads pastas chips

These questions will help you  understand habits you may not have realized are a part of your life which have become detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.   Small steps are essential to great success! Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Once you have a greater understanding of yourself and your habits take stock and do not beat yourself up.

Any time you want to make major changes to your lifestyle it’s important to have a great support system.  People who understand your goals and will not sabotage the changes you’re making or undermine the direction you’re heading.

Sometimes we have the best of intentions and our bodies aren’t on board. Before making any major changes check in with your physician.  We don’t have a reset button.  Your physician can make suggestions and do a full physical, including blood work, to be sure that there aren’t any underlying issues that could cause you problems down the road. Always remember preventative maintenance & safety now equals a healthy happy you later!

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