“Mega Calorie Burn!” Workout

We all fall into a workout rut from time to time, but these three workout finishers are a great way to pump up your usual routine by finishing with a short, intense mega calorie burn.

Each set of four exercises challenges you to burn as many calories as possible in 4 minutes (at least 30 seconds each exercise, 2 rotations of each). Whether finishing up a cardio or traditional lifting workout, incorporating one of these three interval workouts is an easy way to get in an extra sweat session.

In the video below, Coach Dan demonstrates each workout and exercise, modeling optimal form and giving tips on how to modify (though keep in mind that this is a high-intensity workout no matter how you change it up).

Try integrating up to 10 lbs of free weights on appropriate exercises for more of a challenge. The ultimate goal is to do these exercises as quickly as possible (keeping good form) in 30 seconds, with as little pause in between each exercise. Remember – none of these workouts should be easy if you’re doing them right!

Mega Calorie Burn Workout One (four exercises, 30 seconds each, at least two rotations of each exercise):

  1. Lunges: Complete a set of forward, forward diagonal, side, back, and back diagnoal lunges
  2. X jumps: Start with feet together and jump up and out in an ‘X’, land with feet shoulder-width apart and repeat X jump, then land with feet slightly wider than shoulders and repeat X jump, before landing with feet back together
  3. Hindu pushups: These pushups look like a ‘downward dog’ in motion, working the triceps. If you need a break, hold a plank – but don’t stop!
  4. Pushups: Move through a diamond pushup (hands in diamond shape under sternum), pushup with hands underneath shoulders, and a pushup with hands slightly wider than shoulders, moving back into a pushup with hands underneath shoulders, and ending in a diamond pushup

Mega Calorie Burn Workout Two (four exercises, 30 seconds each, at least two rotations of each exercise):

  1. Roller blade lunges: Keep a wide stance, knees bent, shoulders up, and make a sliding diagonal movement, pushing off your back foot in a similar way to roller blading
  2. Mountain climbers: We all love these, right? Keep your hands under your shoulders and trying to get your knees past your elbows, but not at the expense of form; make sure your head stays up, your back is straight, and you aren’t thrusting your hips forward
  3. Dive bombers: These are similar to a hindu pushup, but the best way to nail this motion is to pretend like you’re diving under a fence head first, coming up like a cobra, and then reversing the motion by backing out under the fence and back into a downward dog position (these can be a little harder on the shoulders, which you’ll no doubt feel by the end your second rotation)
  4. Jumping switch lunges: With front foot out in lunge and other leg straight back, jump in a scissor formation to land with opposite feet in front and back; keep jumping continuously, always making sure your knees don’t extend over your ankles

Mega Calorie Burn Workout Three (four exercises, 30 seconds each, at least two rotations of each exercise):

  1. Sprints in place: This is not a mere jog; make sure you’re getting your knee up to hip level and moving your arms as if in a full run
  2. Squats with overhead arm rows: With arms overhead, step out into a side squat and bring down the same side arm, then extend that arm back overhead (weights optional) as you come back to a standing position
  3. Crawling pushups: Complete three or four pushups as you crawl forward, moving your feet as if climbing up a wall, then do the same moving backwards
  4. Jumping jacks: Complete as many of the classic move as possible, making sure to fully extend arms and legs

Rotate through these three workouts on a weekly basis to work as many muscle groups as you can, burning a ton of extra calories in just 4 (challenging) minutes!

Andrew Raynor

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