Conceptual Jiu Jitsu at its Finest

Andrew Raynor

During my jiu jitsu journey, I’ve met many fighters and competitors who I have admired, but relatively few teachers of the art have truly impressed me.

Tim Peterson is hands-down one of the best jiu jitsu teachers I have ever met. There are perhaps only a few people on the planet who understand jiu jitsu on the level that he does.

Tim honed his craft training with the likes of JT Torres and Keenan Cornelius, and as someone who has taken many beatings from him, I can attest that he can fight as well as teach!

He was kind enough to record a free mini-seminar for us detailing some high-level jiu jitsu concepts, which you can watch below.

Don’t miss this – trust me!

P.S. If you want to train with Tim stop by Robot Fight Fitness in Los Angeles – he’s a super-friendly, cool guy and the gym is fantastic.

See more of Tim in this FREE BJJ Video Seminar, featuring 45 Mins of cutting-ddge BJJ techniques and concepts that will improve your game fast.

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Andrew Raynor
Andrew Raynor

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