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6 Concepts for Effective Guard-Passing in Jiu Jitsu

Andrew Raynor photo credit: Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine I consider passing the guard to be one of the most difficult of all aspects of Brazilian jiu jitsu, but also one of the most rewarding. Because we spend so much mat-time fighting from this position, it makes sense to place an emphasis on improving our ability from […]

The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions

Andrew Raynor Competing is a large part of most people’s jiu jitsu journeys. I’ve never been the kind of grappler who tried to exploit the rules to his advantage. I always fight to submit. Looking back on my competitive career, I realise that this was a mistake. On more than a few occasions I lost to savvy […]

The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions

Andrew Raynor This is a pretty good summary – a few details missing but that’s understandable considering the normal IBJJF rules meeting goes for about 3 hours. I have been refereeing for eight years – being a ref obligates one to also be a total pedant where the rules are concerned. Full length spats are […]

Conceptual Jiu Jitsu at its Finest

Andrew Raynor During my jiu jitsu journey, I’ve met many fighters and competitors who I have admired, but relatively few teachers of the art have truly impressed me. Tim Peterson is hands-down one of the best jiu jitsu teachers I have ever met. There are perhaps only a few people on the planet who understand jiu […]