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Discover the current Genting Casino payment options available

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor In this article, we will explain new players of Genting Casino how deposits and withdrawals work at the operator and what Genting Casino payment options are currently accepted on the site. We will cover details such as fees, maximum Genting Casino deposits, minimum withdrawals, the processing time for transactions and […]

Genting Casino app review: explore the mobile app and its features

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor In our Genting Casino app review, we want to discuss the compatibility and system requirements needed for players to download the Genting Casino mobile app, as well as information on welcome bonuses, features and an overall view of the pros and cons of the app. Genting Casino app review Our […]

Read the latest Genting Bet app review on the market 2018

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor In this Genting Bet app review, we aim to bring to you the latest information on the Genting Bet mobile application available on the market today. We will touch on topics such as the app’s system requirements, welcome bonuses and features, rating them all accordingly after a thorough analysis. Genting […]

Check out the most updated Genting Bet review 2018

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor With this Genting Bet review, we want to touch on subjects that will help you decide whether you want to create a member’s account with this sportsbook or not. We will talk about the operator’s current welcome offers, betting markets, odds, customer service, payment methods accepted for deposit and withdrawing […]

Genting Casino Live Casino

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor The Genting Casino Live Casino provides users with the ability to play against a live in-person dealer from the comfort of their home, just like at a real casino. What separates the Genting Casino from the competition is the sheer number of live casino games, with over 25 table games […]

Protecting yourself from online harassment…. and update..

Andrew Raynor Hello everyone and whoa… it’s been a while! Good gracious, is anyone out there any more? I’ll be shocked if anyone is still following this blog.  But just in case here’s what I have been up to: Last year was crazy. Ups and downs with my boyfriend. He was anxious that he might […]

What Have I Been Up To? Here’s a List

Since last count, I have written over 30 more blog posts for Inverted Gear. We also passed 200 White Belt Wednesday video. Below is a list of everything I’ve written, broken down by theme. Daniel Bertina interviewed me for a short bio you can read here: Meet the Pandas – Biomechanical Jiu-Jitsu with Nerd Power – […]

Think Three Steps Ahead: A Blueprint

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often compared to chess. But why? The best players can see several moves ahead. You will get a general sense of direction early. But high level competitors seem to read your mind. I will share three methods for growing this type of understanding. Begin with […]