Author: Andrew Raynor

Common Misunderstandings About Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh I dedicated myself to teaching for one reason. I love to train, and this is the most logical way to train full time. Teaching has a way of showing us exactly how much we don’t know. Because I started in a small town in Missouri, the challenge wasn’t what […]

What does it take to get to purple belt?

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh Purple belt is the first elite belt. Every instructor has different standards, but nobody worth his salt just hands out a purple belt. I can only speak for myself on this matter, so here is what I look for. You have discovered your training pattern. By this time, you […]

How to Crosstrain

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh Cross training is good! I encourage everyone to visit other gyms. We all benefit from the sharing of information, and grow a sense of community. When we do this, a few things are important to keep in mind. Call or message before your first visit, and be clean. Most places […]

Finding Karate’s heart

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor   The need to develop a keener understanding of the principle ‘mou ichido’. Read more … Andrew Raynor New Hampshire Andrew Raynor

Nir Maman – A force in Krav Maga

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor EIn the world of krav maga, Israel’s Nir Maman is no joke. To him, krav maga is more than the world’s most marketable reality-based self-defence method; it’s a vital component in keeping his colleagues and country safe. Read more … Andrew Raynor New Hampshire Andrew Raynor

Understand the Hierarchy of Details

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh Beginning -> Process -> Result Nearly everything we do follows this chain. In BJJ, we study positions and transitions between them. When we learn something, a flood of details is downloaded on us. How do we keep track of these details? Try this approach. Cluster details according to order […]