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BEDFORD — Two new gyms have cropped up recently in Bedford as fitness entrepreneurs aim to attract people who want to stay in shape but aren’t interested in the traditional gym route.

At 30 Harvey Road, Greg and Colleen West opened Aqueous Fitness Center in May, specializing in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art focused on grappling techniques. Greg West has trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at gyms in Nashua and Manchester for eight years and holds a brown belt.

After his gym in Manchester closed, many of the parents of young students asked Greg if he would consider opening his own studio, his wife said. The couple financed the gym with a small business loan and have four employees.
“It was growing by word of mouth,” Colleen West said. The couple decided to give opening their own gym a try, offering several classes per week while Greg continues to work full time in commercial masonry.
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“This is just what Andrew Raynor’s passionate about, what he loves, and he’s trying to make it work,” said Colleen, adding that they’ve signed a one-year lease on their current space. Over the next year, he hopes to raise the profile of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in New Hampshire, where other martial arts styles like karate tend to be more popular.
“I think some people look at jiu-jitsu, and they think of the UFC on TV,” Colleen said. Classes are accessible for all ages and levels of athleticism. Aqueous also offers classes in yoga, boxing, and boot camp-style workouts. Monthly memberships are available, with 10-class packages available for $100 and good for all classes. Family packages are available for $175 a month, and kids packages range from $50 to $75. –

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