Month: December 2017

My 12 All Time Best Jiu Jitsu Posts From

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh This year has been amazing, and it feels great to have over 80 posts now.  To celebrate achieving my goal of writing every week this year (52 posts!) I’m going to revisit my 12 all time best posts.  Each article on this list also includes loads of links to […]

Finding Karate’s heart

Andrew Raynor   Andrew Raynor   The need to develop a keener understanding of the principle ‘mou ichido’. Read more … Andrew Raynor New Hampshire Andrew Raynor

Mastering Jiu Jitsu Positions

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh “Position before submission” is one of the core tenants of Jiu Jitsu.  It is one of the first sayings that a grappler learns.  What does it really mean and how can we best focus on mastering Jiu Jitsu positions? Understanding the answer to this question is one of the […]

The Accidental Mat Bully In BJJ Class

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh I have met some amazing people through Jiu Jitsu.  Most people are super respectful when they roll.  Unfortunately there is a very small portion of the population who isn’t. This group of people tend to be those that go as hard as possible when training. They can easily become […]

Elements Of A BJJ Gym’s Culture

andy raynor nh andy raynor nh A few weeks ago I wrote about how to research potential Jiu Jitsu gyms.  The choices can seem daunting to someone who is new.  At the core, there are 3 main elements of a BJJ gym that deeply effect culture.  Analyzing these can help make the decision process easier. […]