Month: May 2016

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The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions

Andrew Raynor This is a pretty good summary – a few details missing but that’s understandable considering the normal IBJJF rules meeting goes for about 3 hours. I have been refereeing for eight years – being a ref obligates one to also be a total pedant where the rules are concerned. Full length spats are […]

The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions

Andrew Raynor Competing is a large part of most people’s jiu jitsu journeys. I’ve never been the kind of grappler who tried to exploit the rules to his advantage. I always fight to submit. Looking back on my competitive career, I realise that this was a mistake. On more than a few occasions I lost to savvy […]

Reaching your Goals: Drive, Determination & Perseverance

Earlier this month I wrote an article in regards to nutrition Where I discussed nutritional and lifestyle changes. What I didn’t discuss in detail is the importance of goal setting and the psychological importance of doing so. Reaching your goals requires three things… Drive. Determination. Perseverance. These three words are often overused and misunderstood. Drive […]

Nutrition & You

Many people desire to be healthy.  The misconception is that healthy equates being skinny or ingesting few calories, no carbohydrates or no fats.  People are confused, and I don’t blame them! With all the fads out there it’s easy to misunderstand what your body needs, what’s healthy, and the vocabulary. Let’s start with understanding your […]

Kettlebell Training for Jiu Jitsu – Part 4

Andrew Raynor This is the last part in our jiu jitsu-specific kettlebell training series by Jason C. Brown. Be sure to check out parts one, two and three before attempting the movements in this article. Welcome back to Week #4 of Kettlebell Training for BJJ Series. In week 4 we combine all the elements that you’ve developed in […]

Register for Mastering the Gi Crucifix Seminar in Chicago on Fri, June 10

Mastering the Gi Crucifix Seminarat Chicago Martial Arts Friday, June 10th, 20166:30 to 9:30pm In this 3-hour Mastering the Gi Crucifix Seminar you will learn: How to incorporate the crucifix position into your back attack gameplan Crucifix setups and submissions that are unique to gi grappling The timing and awareness to achieve the crucifix against a skilled grappler Positional recovery […]

THOU SHALT PASS: Choosing passes that are right for you

Perhaps due to the huge popularity of guard pulling, a great deal of competition jiujitsu lies in passing of the guard and sweeping. Coaches who’ve been around for a while, know this. So a large focus of training surrounds sweeping and passes for points, consolidating positions. The lighter divisions see a lot more sweeping, perhaps […]

Best Exercises For A Flat Belly

Cardio isn’t going to give you those six-pack abs. No, to get the abs you’ve always wanted, you’re going to need to take a targeted approach. There are myriad ab exercises, but we thought those presented in these videos were some of the best. Crunches may be one of the most dreaded exercises, but their […]