Month: April 2016

You Shall Not Pass! The First Level Of Defense Against Takedowns

In our previous article we talked about the most common mistakes people make when dealing with takedowns in a street fight. Taking those tips to heart will go a long way to keeping you on your feet when violence breaks out. That being said, you may do everything right and still find yourself in a […]

Using Intuition to Avoid a Street Attack – with Steve Kardian

As Steve Kardian travels to high schools and universities to present his popular lecture series on self-defense, it’s easy for him to identify “soft targets” for a potential attack. Soft targets might take a risky shortcut after dark, or pay more attention to their cell phone than a man who followed them into a dimly […]

Strength Training for Grapplers and Martial Artists – with Steve Maxwell

Ever since Royce Gracie stepped inside the UFC’s Octagon and demonstrated the undeniable effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, this hybrid martial art style has grown tremendously all over the world. BJJ’s growth really isn’t that surprising, considering how easily Royce dismantled opponents that were much bigger during his early fighting days. Simply put, there is […]

Martial Arts for Self Protection, or Self Perfection? With Bob Heinemann

I’m not always sure how to respond to the question of, “does this technique work in a street fight?” or, “Is what you teach good for self-defense?”. The answer is both “yes” and “no”. When it comes to practicing martial arts you have two, often misunderstood, concepts; Personal Perfection and Personal Protection. What it comes […]

Bruce Lee’s Philosophy BEHIND the Deadly Art of “Jeet Kun Do”

JKD Wisdom from Matt Numrich: It’s said that Jeet Kun Do is the martial art “created” by Bruce Lee. In our interview, “JKD” black belt Matt Numrich explains that in some ways this is true, in some ways, this is not true. While Bruce himself created the basic philosophy of Jeet Kun Do (translated to […]