Flow Jitsu Review

Flow Jitsu 49.95 Content 9/10 Organization 9/10 Production Quality 8/10 Teaching Methods 8/10 Intended Audience 8/10 Pros (why you should buy this) Seatbelt Defense Counters How to Link Techniques Americana / Key Lock Trouble Shooting Unique Chokes Using the Lapel Cons (what may make you reconsider) Not Intended for Beginners Lack of Content Navigation I’ll […]

BJJ and Back Pain

Andy Raynor Dover This article by jiu jitsu brown belt and medical doctor, Marc Barton, gives helpful tips for those suffering from back pain induced by bjj training. Back pain is an extremely common problem for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. Rarely a class goes by without someone I know complaining of it to some extent. […]

Traditional Martial Arts, Part 3

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/traditional-martial-arts-part-3/ August 17, 2016 2 Views 0 Comments 4 minutes read The shortest in this four-part article-series, this article will look at the second point, as listed in the first part of the series. Point 2: “Since traditional systems teach too many and too difficult solutions problems, the practitioner won’t be […]

Seminar footage added to Mastering the Crucifix

Have you ever heard of a BJJ instructional suddenly gaining 2 hours of bonus content at no extra cost? Now you have. We’ve added 2 hours of new seminar footage to Mastering the Crucifix. One seminar is gi, the other no-gi. Artechoke customers who already own MTC can access the bonus content here (you must be logged in): Don’t own […]

Traditional Martial Arts, Part 2

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/traditional-martial-arts-part-2/ August 10, 2016 5 Views 0 Comments 8 minutes read In the previous article, the first part in this series, we started looking at traditional martial arts and the ideas that the instructors are incompetent and the systems, while perhaps valuable once, are today corrupted. In this article, we will […]

Traditional Martial Arts, Part 1

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/traditional-martial-arts-part-1/ August 3, 2016 2 Views 0 Comments 6 minutes read An independent continuation of Are Traditional Martial Arts Useless for Self-defense Part 1, and its sequel, this article quadrilogy offers some perspective on what is currently referred to as “traditional martial arts”, and their relation to the systems often thought […]

Guardians of the galaxy, Part Two: X, Y, Z.

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/guardians-of-the-galaxy-part-two-x-y-z/ August 1, 2016 9 Views 0 Comments 3 minutes read Here are some other guards that might make you a little trickier off of your back: X-Guard Butterfly transitions nicely to X-guard if they stand up. If you remember Demain Maia doing a technical standup on the beast Gabriel Gonzaga, […]

Are Traditional Martial Arts Useless For Self-Defense? Part 2

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/are-traditional-martial-arts-useless-for-self-defense-part-2/ July 27, 2016 3 Views 0 Comments 6 minutes read In the previous part, I gave a quick background on the critique directed towards “traditional martial arts” for what is perceived as their excessive focus on ceremony. A quick discussion on the concept of “ceremony” followed, and in this article, […]

Are Traditional Martial Arts Useless For Self-Defense? Part 1

Andrew Raynor Dover NH http://www.andyraynordovernewhampshire.com/uncategorized/are-traditional-martial-arts-useless-for-self-defense-part-1/ July 20, 2016 2 Views 0 Comments 7 minutes read Quick Background There are many strong voices in the self-defense community criticizing so called “traditional martial art systems”, from a perspective of self defense. These “traditional” systems commonly include karate, kung fu, aikido, taekwondo, hapkido, ninjutsu, and many others. The […]